Thomas Rippy - Author

About the Author

I am a retired businessman who grew up working in the family business. My parents instilled an work ethic in me. When I was young, I drove my Mom crazy with all the different pets I had, including all kinds of reptiles and amphibians, pigeons, guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs, cats, and so on.

A certified dog lover, I had Labradors and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. A great joy in my life was hiking in the Everglades with my retrievers. We would hike cross country for miles and then back to the truck. During the wet season, the water was over my knees, and the dogs loved it!

I have had many adventures in my life. Some were fun, and a few were frightening. Throughout all of them, I became a keen observer of human nature. In my books, I bring characters to life based on my past experiences. I am also currently writing my memoirs.


Through the years, I have grown from a fearless snake-catching boy and lover of all animals to a college football player and businessman. Now, I am embarking on a new, exciting journey as a writer.

Thomas Rippy With His Dog