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Paul & Frank Build A Sea Zoo Book Illustration

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An Exciting Children's Book

“Paul and Frank Build A Sea Zoo” is a delightful children’s book that tells the story of Paul and his friend, Frank the mouse, who put a saltwater aquarium in their house. As more fish friends move in, Paul and Frank have to make the tank bigger and bigger. The fish names in the story are all natural species of fish. There are blue runners and goggles eyes, triggerfish, and angelfish. A bedroom gets removed to make the tank bigger tank. Then a school of cardinalfish and wrasses move in, and out goes the kitchen, dishes, and glasses! Children will love the fantastic art and will soon be able to identify their favorite fish! An incredible bedtime story for the little ones.

Meet the Children's Book Author

I’m Thomas Rippy, a proud children’s book author. Currently, I’m in the process of publishing more adventures of Paul and Frank as well as many other children’s tales. A curious observer of human nature, I bring characters to life based on my own experiences. Visit this website regularly to keep updated with my new children’s book releases!

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